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Webequie First Nation

Contact Information

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Webequie First Nation Chief and Council Contact Information 2022-24


Role and Name


Cell Phone Numbers

Chief Cornelius Wabasse

(807) 621-1970

Deputy Chief Jackie Shewaybick

(807) 631-3434

Head Councillor Selena Wabasse

(807) 633-5084

Councillor Harry Wabasse

(807) 632-5770

Councillor Tyler Shewaybick

(807) 633-6180

Councillor Lawrence Mekanak

(807) 631-4187

Councillor Randy Jacob

(807) 633-9526


WFN Band Office (Mon-Fri 9:00am to 5:00pm)

Phone: (807) 353-6531

Fax: (807) 353-1218


Chief's Office - Ext.226 (Cornelius)

Councils Office - Ext.228 (Jackie, Selena, Harry, Tyler, Lawrence, and Randy)

Band Administrator's Office - Ext.230 (Ida Troutlake)

Band Administrator Assistant's Office - Ext. 231 (Dorothy Wabasse)



Band Administrator 


Band Administrator Assistant



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